Pam Anderson and a Celebrity "Rabbi" Agree -- Porn Made Carlos Danger!

After that headline, my work here is done:
Using Anthony Weiner’s most recent sexting scandal as the point of departure, Anderson and Boteach rehash familiar arguments about the immeasurable devastation that porn will inevitably wreak on culture and society. Weiner, they argue, typifies a certain kind of successful American man: one so deeply unfilled that he is willing to self-destruct over a few cheap thrills. They are particularly concerned with the easy availability of porn on the internet which, they speculate, was the source of Weiner’s behavior, though pornography and sexting seem like two very different genres.
Wait, there was porn involved?

I though it was just Twitter and sexting pics with clothes on.

(I call that "Tuesday.")

Is that the same thing now?

Rock on, Labor Day plebians (and stay safe!)


  1. Trump is running for President, Brexit & now Pam Anderson is teaming up with a Rabbi-- a headline I'd never thought I'd see!

    Hmm, I wonder what's next?

    Happy Long Weekend, SFL! :)


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