Attention, South Florida: Let's Welcome Our New Neighbor!

No, not that verklemp Hurricane, something even more destructive and soulless:
Pudgy Fox News Channel founder Roger Ailes, who left the conservative media company in disgrace when several female anchors accused him of sexual harassment, has found a new great place in Palm Beach.
Ailes, 76, is said to be the secret new owner of a fancy modern beachfront mansion bought earlier this month by a bank trust for $36 million.
In Florida, courts cannot force the sale of someone’s home to pay off judgments, and troubled tycoons have routinely used the state’s law to invest in real estate.
Ailes’ supposed new purchase, which closed on Sept. 19, was made in the name of City National Bank of Florida Trust No. 2401-3263-00.
Neither Ailes’ name nor his wife Elizabeth’s can be found in official records.
The trustee is Palm Beach County estate lawyer Ron Kochman, who declined comment before hanging up the phone without waiting for follow-up questions.

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Hey, it's not polite to simply hang up the phone!

(You should definitely tumble down the mountain first!)