Belated 3d DCA Watch -- Almost All Hallow's Eve Edition!

So I'm sure many of you -- like me -- were suited up in tribal gear, elaborate face paint, carrying horns and pitchforks and screaming obscenities, utterly transfixed by insert sporting event here TCM's showing of Peter Cushing's 1958 sequel The Revenge of Frankenstein, famously reviewed by a tart Observer critic as "a vulgar, stupid, nasty, and intolerably tedious business. ...I want to gargle it off with a strong disinfectant, to scrub my memory with carbolic soap."

Ahh, Sundays in October!


HSBC's lawyers play cute with the bunker:
HSBC did not respond to an order directing it to file an answer brief, nor has it filed a memorandum of points and authorities in support of its position.  Although counsel has since appeared on its behalf, HSBC has not filed a response to the Collazos’ motion for rehearing and for certification.
You never call, you never write!

Oh yeah, that City of Miami thing.

Hah hah HSBC confessed error (in a later case).

"Your blood will congeal!"

(And now I am talking about the Canes.)