Hi Your Press Release From 1993 Just Arrived (Via Facsimile Transmission)!

What is this?

Seriously, what the hail is this?
If you or a loved one met an accident because of a negligence or wrongful conduct of others, then you need to claim for compensation of the loss and sufferings.
For completing the personal injury claim process, you need to look for the right lawyer who can take your case in a time bound limit at an affordable price.
A wrong choice can led to nightmares. You need to invest in a lawyer with a decent experience. If you are looking out for personal injury lawyer in Miami, then you have come to the right place.
Here are the top five personal injury law firm you can consider that will help in zero in the right lawyer.
Please don't keep me in suspense, I just HAVE to know -- it's like the Oscars!


  1. Judge Phil Cook died yesterday. Judge Cook was a great guy. Always extremely nice and whether he was in court or at the falls shopping would inquire how the family was, what you were working on ect. A nicer fellow I have never met. Never a case of :\"Black Robe Fever" like many of those today who come straight from the SAO or PD. Cant believe he was 91. May he rest and peace and my condolences to his family. I will miss him and there are not any like him left.

  2. RIP. His obit is here:



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