This Seems Like a Pretty Fair Business Transaction, At Least For Florida!

It's true it's technically illegal, but for many in the Sunshine State this is called "Tuesday":
When the agent expressed surprise, Ibrahim allegedly made her “swear to God” — joining him in raising his right hand as if swearing in a witness in court — she wouldn’t get him in trouble. Then, he pulled a plastic bag from behind the counter. The agent said she asked for two. Ibrahim suggested she take three because of Jack Rabbit’s scarcity.
She took the Jack Rabbit, two hemp sticks and a Diet Coke for $33.
A Jack Rabbit, two hemp sticks and a Diet Coke -- God bless 'Merica!

Rump -- is it true making the undercover agent "swear to God" she won't get you in trouble means you get to walk home free as a bird (after you sleep it off)?

That's how I heard they do it in this town I sadly know way too much about:

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