First Off, Let's Start With the Obvious!

That would be this, of course:
Not only has partnered sex been shown to reduce people's reactivity to stress but sex may actually change our brain so that we can better cope with future stress. Scientists in a 2010 study found that rats that had daily sex for two weeks stopped producing extra corticosterone (the rat-equivalent of cortisol). This led them to act less anxious in stressful situations and promoted neural growth that would have otherwise been suppressed by their cortisol-like hormones.
So I want everyone to jump out of bed, embrace a significant other, and go for it:

This morning I watched some talking heads opine that it's possible Trump -- like the buffoonish and widely ridiculed Ronnie Reagan in 1980 -- might surround himself after the election with old GOP and conservative hands, guys like James Baker and Casper Weinberger, who will steadily steer the country from the abyss.

Except Ronnie had governed successfully for two terms and ole' Cap was sort of a war criminal!

Anyhoo, the fact that Trump warred with old GOP hands, Cruz firebrands and pretty much everyone except Rudy and Christie makes this scenario DOA.

But who knows?  Everybody's been wrong about everything lately.


  1. Man, there is so much uncertainty. What about:

    The wall?
    Trade deals?
    Social Security?
    Gay Rights?

    With the Republican Congress, and particularly the likelihood of multiple supreme Court appointments, he has the ability to reshape American for the next 20 or more years.

  2. I don't know, but my firm is going to bring Bill in for a speaking engagement, the price has just dropped WAY down - now for the price of two, 10-top tables, he will key note your awards ceremony, dinner party, bar mitzvah, quincinera, etc.

  3. We all up here in the Great White North are in utter shock at his win.
    Trust me when I say we all up here are feeling just as much as anxiety as all of you.

    BTW, Try to have a Happy Hump Day. :)


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