RIP Janet Reno

I can still remember when she visited my junior high as Dade State Attorney.
Janet Reno was a prosecutor, a politician and a pioneer — a brainy South Floridian who grew up barefoot among peacocks and alligators and rose to the highest levels of government as the nation’s first female attorney general.

She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1995, two years after President Bill Clinton appointed her to his cabinet.

Reno died at age 78, her family said early Monday morning.

Controversy and high drama marked her eight-year tenure: FBI shootouts at Ruby Ridge and Waco, the Elian Gonzalez, Wen Ho Lee and Unabomber cases, Clinton’s impeachment and the Oklahoma City federal-building bombing.

By 2001, she was more than ready to trade the corridors of power for Florida’s languid backwaters, and she returned to the sturdy old house that her parents built in Kendall.

“I love this state with all my heart and soul,” she once said.
One of the best treatments for Parkinson's is marijuana. Seriously. Vote Yes on 2!


  1. Oh Marijuana. You speak for Reno? What was her position on it?

    When this vote loses again, are you going to fly into a hysterical rage and scream that the system is rigged?

    Just come out and say you want Marijuana legalized because you are a stoner, and all the medicinal talk is just a way to push it on the public. At least that way you can maintain a modicum of self-respect while you alter your shitty reality by inducing chemicals into it; blunting the internal pain you suffer as a result of the self-realization that you are neither smart nor amusing.

  2. You are right. This is not about medicine but about liberty. The government has no right to prevent me from smoking pot in my house or anywhere so long as I do not harm others.

  3. @7:33

    The medical and industrial benefits of legal cannabis speak for themselves. Not only am I smart and amusing, I have better things to do than trade insults with a tired old troll.

  4. FYI, most polls show MMJ winning handily. Good that.

  5. The best part of 7:33's rant is that zhe doesn't even realize zhe's a hypocrite. Oh, the chemicals! The chemicalsss! Unless, of course, zhe is a devout and observant member of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

  6. This post is for Janet Reno, medical marijuana is a good treatment for Parkinson's and other degenerative nerve disorders. That's all.

  7. Cant help but be reminded of the Janet Reno dance party skits on SNL.

  8. It's pathetic to see so many lawyers praise her now when they were savaging her (and much worse) during Elian. Hypocrites.

  9. @1:54pm

    The Elian mess was 16 years ago. People don't have to be hypocrites just because they have cooled down. Easy trigger.

  10. I'm not a huge fan and I don't have to be to show her some respect on the day of her passing. It's called being a decent human being.

  11. I will never forget Janet Reno standing in front of the press and very angrily proclaiming that cannabis has no medical value. She then got Parkinson's having just sentenced herself to live the rest of her life without the most appropriate medication for her condition. Justice is poetic but she condemned a lot of people to suffer with her.


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