Voting is a Right and Responsibility

Is this 2016 or 1963?
Fayetteville, North Carolina (CNN)As Donald Trump warns of a "rigged" system fueled by voter fraud and other irregularities, some private citizens have taken it upon themselves to protect the nation from what they see as the potential for a stolen election.

Michael Hyers, an Air Force retiree from Fayetteville, North Carolina, has spent hours upon hours combing through records, cross-checking addresses and submitting thousands of challenges to voter registrations in an effort to purge voter rolls at the local Cumberland County elections board. He claims to have removed 6,000 people from voter rolls since 2014.

He believes it is his duty. "I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution," Hyers told CNN, explaining his belief that Democrats have conspired to commit massive voter fraud and he has a responsibility to scrub rolls of voters who have died or moved away. The challenges submitted by Hyers and his group, the Voter Integrity Project, a conservative organization that believes systemic voter fraud exists, became part of a federal lawsuit that accused officials in three North Carolina counties of illegal voter-roll purges that disproportionately targeted African-Americans. The lawsuit, filed by the NAACP, garnered the attention of the Justice Department and independent elections-monitoring groups, and on Friday, a federal judge ordered the state and local boards to restore the purged voters.

Federal judge Loretta Biggs described the purges as a "flawed process" and specifically noted that one individual in Cumberland County -- where Hyers lives -- challenged the registration of approximately 4,000 local voters. The North Carolina Board of Elections has no evidence the election will be affected by fraud, and in a statement to CNN, a spokesperson said the board works to ensure the integrity of the elections process by investigating allegations, conducting audits during the early voting period and working in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security.

Studies have found limited occurrences of voter fraud, such as a 2014 report by Rutgers University political science professor Lorraine Minnite, who concluded, "The scant evidence of arrests, indictments or convictions for any of the practices defined as voter fraud means that little fraud is being committed relative to the millions of votes cast each year in state, local and federal elections."

But Hyers says he has come across news reports and hearsay to the contrary. He also specifically references videos produced by James O'Keefe, the conservative political activist, and his organization, Project Veritas, which shows Democratic operatives purportedly discussing questionable methods to skew the election against Trump. Most of those videos have been found to be inaccurate and highly edited to promote O'Keefe's conservative narrative.

Hyers told CNN this has led him to painstakingly research voter records for names and addresses of individuals he says have not voted in two or more federal elections. He then mails letters to those individuals' addresses that explain how his group has determined they may be inactive and urges them to re-register or face possible challenges to their voting status.

If the letter comes back to Hyers with the marking "return to sender," he says he files a challenge regardless of the voter's race or political affiliation. "The system is broken," Hyers said. "(The law) was written by the Democrats in such a way as to keep the rolls bloated, so that voter fraud could be done."


    Date Line: HIALEAH, FLORIDA The City Of Progress
    9:06 am.
    Poll workers come barging out of the polling place holding signs and shouting in bull horns to form two lines: "TRUMP AND RUBIO VOTERS TO THE RIGHT; Clinton Johnson and others to the left "

    There are 30 machines for the areas set aside for Trump, six for Clinton and I note they are not even mentioning Murphy as the senate candidate.

    I walk over to a police officer and inform him its not legal for workers to make people declare who they are voting for before they vote. The cop shrugs, and then says its legal because no one is following them into the voting booth and people could vote for who they want. As if on cue a poll worker shouts into a bull horn "MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE CORRECT LINE. IF YOU VOTE FOR CLINTON ON A TRUMP MACHINE YOUR VOTE WILL BE DISALLOWED AND WE WILL BE CHECKING ALL VOTES FOR ACCURACY"

    I ask the cop "now what" and he laughs and tells me to call the FBI.

    Welcome to rigged Florida voting

  2. "In the trial courts, there will be 32 contested circuit court contests on the August 14 primary ballot, while 170 circuit judgeships — mostly held by incumbents — were uncontested."

    The Florida Bar News - May 15, 2012

    The 170 uncontested circuit judgeships were rigged by agreement by members of The Florida Bar, the only potential candidates permitted to run. 170 circuit judgeships paying $146,079 each went uncontested because the election was rigged that way in May 2012 by members of TFB to protect the incumbant judges.

    Welcome to rigged Florida voting.

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