Are You Young (At Heart)?

If so, my friend and esteemed colleague Francisco Ramos wants to help you think like a young lawyer:
DRI–The Voice of the Defense Bar today published The Associate’s Handbook by DRI member, Frank Ramos. The handbook is a comprehensive, accessible guide for young attorneys who typically arrive at their first position filled with academic knowledge but bereft of the mechanics and practical aspects of practicing law.  The Associate’s Handbook is provided free of charge to serve as a mentor to young lawyers in search of one.  It provides advice on how young lawyers can make the most of their careers by showing them how to be better communicators, marketers and trial lawyers.  It’s a “how to” – how to write better, how to get more involved, how to be a rainmaker and how to prepare every case as if it’s going to trial.  It provides practical advice to help young lawyers avoid the pitfalls and obstacles of daily practice and excel at their firms.  A link to the copyrighted book may be found here.
This is all the more remarkable in that, despite his serious and sober demeanor, Frank is quite a funny guy:
Francisco Ramos is one of the top 10 finalists from Last Comic Standing Season 9, has appeared on @midnight at Comedy Central, appears as Ramon on Netflix’s “Lady Dynamite” and recently won the NBC Cozi TV Comedy Festival.
He is also the voice of the Lead Marmoset in the movie “RIO” with Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg. He has toured worldwide as a standup comic, including going to Afghanistan to perform for the US troops. He appeared in the Byron Allen syndicated show “First Family”, has appeared in several sketches for the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show, and is also a part of Steve Carell’s TBS pilot episode of “Tribeca”.
Whoa, full stop: Byron Allen??

I frickin' LOVE Byron Allen!

How cool is it that our own Frank Ramos worked with the Great Byroni.....

Oh wait -- it's a slightly different Frank Ramos, but he's pretty funny too.

Anyways, go steal the right Frank's free book and learn something about the profession you decided to devote your entire life too (and then go surf the web for fantasy stats or, like me, old Byron Allen pics).

Ain't America grand?

In all seriousness, we need LOTS MORE POSITIVE MENTORING in just about all areas in life, our profession included.

Good luck Franky!!


  1. This is why you must not leave us.

  2. Bring back the flamingo and no one gets hurt.

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