Be a Better You This Holiday Season!

How boring -- I guess Trump makes me want to be a better lawyer, a better person, a better human -- more empathetic, caring, loving in general, more willing to forgive the annoying bullshit we see in our profession every day.

Who thunk?

Anyhoo I'm pretty sure some ingrained holiday traditions involve repentance and what not -- throw some of that in there along with the loudly aggressive "Merry Christmases" shouted out to random folks at the mall --  'tis the season of holiday warfare, after all.

Boy I guess I still have work to do.

Happy holidays!


  1. Stop it! If you get any better you're gonna get wings and a halo.

    I'm already a better person! Now who wants invites to my Christmas orgy? Sitting on Santa's lap was never this fun!

  2. Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday SFL.
    I hope Santa brings you everything that was on your list.
    You too, GW-- I'm sure you made his 'nice' list.


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