Spies in the House of Love

Don't you hate it when your sex toys spy on you? I know I do!
 In the annals of the invasive collection of private information via the internet, the story of the We-Vibe Rave may mark a milestone.

Customers have accused the sex toy of sending the manufacturer details of how the high-end vibrator was being used without the consent of the owner. That’s the charge in a federal class-action lawsuit filed in Illinois against Ottawa-based Standard Innovation.

 An Illinois woman identified only as N.P. says she bought the device for $130 in May. She then downloaded an app, We-Connect, offered by Standard Innovation, and used it to pair her smartphone with her vibrator through a bluetooth connection. The company advertised the online feature as a way to keep distant partners feeling close.

“Tease and please with custom vibes you create. Turn on your lover when you connect and play together from anywhere in the world,” an app advertisement embedded in the 18-page complaint says. “Build excitement with secure in-app voice, chat and video.”

 Distant partners could use vibration modes labeled “pulse,” “wave,” “echo,” “tide,” “crest,” “peak” and “chachacha.”
I have tried the chachacha setting, and wow does it rock! Now everybody knows!

And speaking of bad "Ch" sounds, this.
According to TMZ, washed up actor turned vocal Donald Trump supporter Scott Baio has filed a police report against Nancy Mack, the wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, claiming she attacked him at an elementary school function over his support of the President-elect.

Baio told law enforcement that the incident occurred at a school event on Saturday in Thousand Oaks, California when Mack, who is staunchly anti-Trump, began “berating and cursing” him over his support of a man who said “Grab ’em by the pussy.”

The actor’s account of the incident further claims Mack repeatedly screamed “Grab ’em by the pussy” even after he asked her to stop. Baio says Mack attacked him by grabbing underneath his arms and shaking and pushing him.
 We are just getting warmed up Trump supporters.


  1. Oh yeah, double down on the deranged lunacy and screaming attacks, sure ticket back to the White House.

  2. I hope that phrase follows our new Prez like a bad smell, but it really is due for the R.E.M. "What's the frequency, Kenneth" treatment.

  3. @4:45

    All this time I thought I was supposed to moderate. I thought I was supposed to hold back. I thought I was supposed to be a good boy.

    But the lesson of Trump is that being an asshole pays! Get in their face! Treat them like a bitch! Grab them by the cock and pussy.

    Yeah, I know how to play that game too.

  4. I'm highly doubtful you really know how to play the "grab them by the pussy" game. Screaming it at an elementary school, though, and acting like an asshole, yes.

    1. Okay, as a straight man, this “Grab ’em by the pussy” quote has me confused. There is nothing to grab down there on a lady, no handle, nothing.

      If Trump grabbed something, it was not a pussy. A man has things to grab down there, so what is going on with Trump? Is he gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

      Come out, come out Trump, where ever you are!

    2. Have you ever grabbed a bowling ball?

    3. you mean two in the pink, and one in the stink? now I got it.

  5. I try everything. How else would I know what I like best? I've probably "been with" more women than SFL and many of you heterosexuals out there.

    But everyone who supported Trump should be made to feel the embarrassment and shame that comes, not from lowering the bar with what we expect from our president, but from dropping the bar in the sewer.

  6. Disappointingly temperate response.


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