What is Wrong With People?

I get it Lake County, gay people have the cooties and can infect the kiddies but sheesh:
This appeal requires us to decide whether a complaint that a school board violated the Equal Access Act when it denied the application of the Carver Gay Straight Alliance to form a student club is ripe and not moot and whether the Act applies to a public middle school in Florida. After a teacher at Carver Middle School submitted an application for the approval of the Carver Gay-Straight Alliance, the superintendent denied the application on the ground that the application failed to identify an allowed purpose for the club. Instead of submitting a new application, the Alliance and a student, H.F., filed a complaint that the Board had violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution and the Equal Access Act. Under the Act, if a public school “provides secondary education as determined by State law,” the school must give extracurricular clubs equal access to school resources.
An "allowed purpose"?

To allows humans to express their humanness in their own personal way and to develop positive connections with other humans?

Oy veh's mir gotten himmel gabba gabba hey now!