3d DCA Watch -- Yes That Idiot Will Be Our President Soon!

Sheesh I have to stop fixating on this inauguration.

Let's do this kiddos:

This seems like a first-world problem, what do you all think?
The Village is a coastal Florida municipality within whose boundaries exists Indian Creek Island, on which the gated, private Indian Creek Country Club [“Club”] is located.  The Club operates a golf course, clubhouse, docks and tennis courts for its members.  The Island also has 41 single family homes, and is connected to the mainland Village by a public road and bridge with guardhouse, although the Island is entirely private.  The Club is accessed by private road; most of the Club’s 300 members live elsewhere.  The Village has its own land and marine police force to provide 24/7 law enforcement and traffic services to Village residents and also provides general law enforcement and police assistance to the Club and Village residents on the Island.  The Club pays approximately $34,000 in ad valorem taxes to the Village to cover the annual cost of these services. 
Ok this is not helping, in fact I already hate everything about this case, we better move on.

Here's another Judge Shepherd opinion:
The dispositive question appears to be whether the undisputed facts of this case support the judgment of the trial court that the homeowners are entitled to indemnity under the “ensuing loss” provision of a homeowners’ insurance policy for the cost of tearing up and replacing a portion of the foundation or slab on which their home sits, necessary to reach and replace a sanitary drain line, the repair and replacement of which is not covered under the policy.  The trial court found coverage to exist under this provision of the policy.  We find the decision of the trial court was premature.
Ok we better move on.

Oh wait -- we can't yet.


  1. Shepherd ruling for the insurance company defendant? NO!

  2. The insurance opinion makes no sense. One the one hand it defines loss as "the diminution of value of something, and in this case, the ‘something’ is the insureds’ house or personal property", but then fails to acknowledge that a sink that doesn't drain properly diminishes the value of the home.

    What the fuck is Shep thinking.

  3. Shep and Rottenberg love insurance companies and have plaintiffs with every beat of their black heart and in every corner of their evil soul!


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