Hey Arseholes -- F*&k Off!

Hi State of Florida taxpayers, did you know you shoveled tons of cash to our buds over at Latham?
According to a spreadsheet obtained by the Herald/Times, the numbers showed that the lead lawyers, Washington-based Latham Watkins, would be paid $35.9 million between 2015 and 2017.
Foley Lardner, the Florida firm where Steverson’s predecessor, Hershel Vinyard, works and where Steverson is now headed, would be paid $2.6 million over the same time. Two other firms also were paid lesser amounts: $1 million to Blankenau and $966,000 to Carlton.
The records also show that Latham Watkins charged the state for 32 to 35 full-time legal staff for 40 hours a week over four months. The firm also charged significantly more than the other firms for lawyers of comparable experience.
For example, while Foley Lardner charged an hourly rate of $220 for junior associates — those with five years or less experience — Latham Watkins charged $395 an hour for lawyers with three years or less experience and $575 an hour for lawyers with 3 to 10 years experience. Partners at Latham charged $825 an hour, compared to Foley’s partners, who charged $450 an hour.
Expert witness and consulting costs totaled $11 million over the 16 years, half of it in the last two years.
But it's those greedy plaintiff's lawyers banking all the coin, right?

In other news, who were the dickwads who approved and promoted this guy to be one of our judges?
A judicial investigative panel filed a report last year that stated during a conversation with a staff attorney, Hulsey said black people should "go get back on a ship and go back to Africa." During the initial phase of the investigation, Hulsey also allegedly ordered his judicial assistant to tell investigators he would never say anything derogatory about blacks or women.
Wait -- he was elected.

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