Miami Attorney Ramon Manuel Rodriguez Charged With Ethical Misconduct By Florida Bar

The Florida Bar's push for civility is welcomed, and judging from this article apparently the Bar has a strategy that starts with weeding out those it convicts as bad apples.

From the DBR:
The Florida Bar has brought ethics charges against Miami attorney Ramon Manuel Rodriguez, accused of knowingly filing and prosecuting a frivolous perjury case against opposing counsel at Lewis Tein.

"Respondent pursued his perjury and fraud claims against Lewis and Tein despite the fact that he knew, or should have known, that same were unsupported by competent evidence," bar counsel Jennifer Falcone wrote in the complaint.

Rodriguez filed more than 20 motions for sanctions against the Lewis Tein  attorneys—none of which were granted, according to charging documents in a related ethics case against yet another lawyer, Jose "Pepe" Herrera.

Herrera faces his own charges for alleged misconduct against the Lewis Tein lawyers. The tribe's attorney, Bernardo Roman III, faces similar charges in a pending case. He is accused of deceitful and prejudicial conduct, as well as violations of bar rules requiring truthfulness and candor.
Yikes!  This dude better hire Tannebaum.

When lawyers behave badly, we all pay.



  1. I love the Lewis and Tein blog . . .

  2. I would have covered the story, but I only like fake news. Plus, Ramon was my source for my "news" stories when I "reported" on this matter.

    -Fake Jay


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