Profiles in Quisling Courage!

So now that a week in we have a full-blown Nixon-style Constitutional Crisis, it's time to tell your dopey friends on Facebook that it's just not funny anymore.

It's not even funny if I add " bed" at the end:

As we can feel our nation's priorities, goals, vision shift under us and in a harder, less compassionate direction, it's time to ask ourselves: which side are you on?

I'm on her side.

Isn't it obvious that an "illegal" is less likely to finger a murderer if they are shipped back to Guatemala immediately upon performing that vital public service?

Not that instrumental arguments are necessary -- we saw such arguments many many times, particularly in refugee public policy debates before and during WWII -- but the simple reason is more obvious-- it's wrong.

That's why five federal judges have chimed in unanimously as to the plain illegality of the religious test bs but beyond that -- the reason it's illegal is because it's wrong.

There's always a safety and/or financial rationale behind every such ignoble action in our nation's history -- the Commies, the Indians, the Chinese, the Jews.

And it's pretty fascinating if one takes a long view to see us living through something like that again, in real time.

Remember those on the right side, those off the sidelines and on the front lines.

Oh yeah -- Happy Tuesday!


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