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50 Cent Takes Aim at Reed Smith over Sex Tape Loss to Phil Freidin

(Little early in the week to use "sex tape" and "Phil Freidin" in the same sentence?)

50 Cent knows how to make money.

Now, he has devised a way to satisfy his 23 million bankruptcy settlement: sue his past attorneys for malpractice.

Fresh off a 14.5 million dollar award against the law firm Garvey Schubert Barer, Mr. Cent ups the ante to 35 million against Vassar College Alum Peter Raymond, his former lawyer at Reed Smith. The DBR covers it here.
50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, the artist behind the infamous "homemade sex tape" involving Lastonia Leviston, the Pembroke Pines mother of rival rapper Rick Ross' children. It is regarding his representation, or alleged lack of representation, in the sex tape case that resulted in the latest filing.

Represented by Philip Freidin ... of Freidin Brown in Miami, Leviston sued Jackson in New York for violating her privacy by posting a sex tape of her and her then-boyfriend Maurice Murray on his website in 2009. His face was blurred, Leviston's wasn't, and Jackson inserted himself on the video dressed as a pimp. A jury awarded Leviston damages of $7 million in July 2015.
At the core of the case, the lawsuit states, was "Reed Smith and Raymond, without consulting Jackson and without his consent, stipulated with attorneys for Leviston … on behalf of Jackson, that Reed Smith would not examine the aforementioned witnesses [Murray and Ross] in pre-trial discovery proceedings and that no witness would be called at trial unless the identity of the witness was disclosed pursuant to the [binding, pretrial] stipulation.

With regard to the alleged hike in legal fees, the lawsuit contends Reed Smith and Raymond did not notify Jackson of an increase in the hourly billing rate under the 2004 California retainer agreement. Jackson paid $1.5 million in legal fees and expenses during Reed Smith's representation on the sex tape case, which started in 2011.
Be interesting to learn how many times Phil watched the sex tape to "prepare for trial" to see where this suit ends up. 

Get your client's consent to important stuff in writing.


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