Does This Ass Make My Country Look Small?

I've been trying to give Cheeto Hitler the benefit of the doubt. When he recently decided to uphold an Obama order on LGBT rights, I applauded. But not only does this man not have a 'cohesive' philosophy, I doubt he knows what the word cohesive means

This week President Pussy-grabber is going back on 2 campaign promises dear to my heart. He's going after legal weed and he's messing with trans kids. I've got news for you - you senile butt-plug, you're already at 36% approval, and I know for a fact a big chunk of those people voted for you thinking you were pro marijuana legalization. Lose them and you're heading for uncharted territory in the single digits.

I understand that the genitalia obsessed GOP doesn't want girls in the boy's room, or boys in the girl's room, but if they would think this through, they'd see that this is exactly what the solution to this nonexistent problem does. I have the pleasure of knowing a trans teen, currently a senior in high school. He is a boy, in every sense of the word. Meaning - he is out for your daughters. If you don't want boys in the girl's rooms you don't want him in the girl's rooms. Yet that is what these anti-trans bathroom laws demand. 

There was one bright spot this week. In an age where the president can grab your/your wife's pussy, racism is a badge of honor, sexism is rampant, and Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia are all in vogue, America still has some standards left. Pedophilia is still a career killer!

Poor Milo, but gay Nazis are the worst kind of gays and the worst kind of Nazis.

One thing is clear; the GOP is now officially the party of the perverts.

Happy Weekend all, Perv Bigly!


  1. The problem is that pot heads who are homophobes (there are as many who are not), hate gays more than they love legal pot - they will always be able to buy pot legal or not. But sharing a bathroom with a transgender man (or their wife with a transgender woman) - that scares the hell out of them - NO SIR!

    You have been so maniacally focused on getting your weed legalized, and on throwing trans-gender rights to the forefront of political discussion, that you - YES YOU Godfucker, are in part responsible for this beastly asshole becoming president. Had you kept reasonable issues at the forefront that could have won the day for Democrats, you would have your Pot, we would be closer to equality for transsexual people, and the world would be a better, fairer place. But no, you prefer to stand on your soap box and spew lies about how pot is healthy, how big your dick is, and how crazy and unreasonable people are who are at all concerned with their 8 year-old daughter sharing a bathroom with a transsexual woman in a shopping mall.

    Now, please, tell me about the shadows and all that - and I agree with you - but you will still be missing the point.

    To win these battles, there is nothing wrong with a little strategic thinking and planning, and understanding of the sensitivities of the electorate.


  2. I'm pleased you think this blog and my occasional posts here are powerful enough to swing an election! Good to know!

    But the rest of your diatribe is more "me too" blather.

    More conservative politicians have been arrested for inappropriate behavior in bathrooms than trans people. So if the fear is irrational, not based in reality, I will expose the irrationality of it.

    Now I've never fucked god but I did date a guy named Jesus once. He had a truly huge disco stick.

  3. And while Trump may embolden the dead-enders, he's not going to magically win back the battle for public opinion which is now solidly in the pro-gay rights, pro-legalization column.

  4. Sure, case he really ran in favor of those issues. Keep puffing the peace pipe bro.

  5. Keith Ellison, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren for DNC Chair. Maybe we can bury you guys forever. By the way, Butthole and that tasteful picture from your private inspirational collection are so classy, and we know what you would have thought if anyone had used anything even remotely close to that to St Barack. You Dems are such boorish hypocrites. Keep it up. We will be rid of you soon.

    1. LO-fucking-L

      You want to talk about taste while supporting PPG (President Pussy Grabber)? STFU

      Trump is president because too many Americans thought they could stay home and let others do the work. But many have realized their mistake.

      No asshole, this is not the 4th Reich but rather the dying gasp of white American male patriarchy.

      Trump is fucking things up so bad he makes W look genius.

      Republicans will be lucky to win another election in my lifetime, and I'm nearly immortal.


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