3d DCA Watch -- The Majesty of the Law Edition!

Dear Judge Luck, this is now the type of case you'll have to rule on forever and ever into the rule of perpetuities and beyond until bunker doth thou mechanical/gym room part (or hopefully you get elevated):
Orlando Noa appeals a non-final order denying his motion to compel a second appraisal of an insured windstorm loss claim under a policy insuring his home.  The issue presented is whether any effects of “Ordinance and Law” costs were subsumed in the initial appraisal conducted as provided by the policy.  We affirm the order below, concluding that Mr. Noa’s post-appraisal submission of increased costs is not a legally sufficient basis for re-opening the existing appraisal or conducting a new one.
Oy veh with that antiquated Kinney analysis -- SAD!!! (to quote the nutter).

City of Miami lets a class action morph into a full fledged "you should have settled this a while back."

And how was YOUR Wednesday?


  1. Damn the torpedos...what's with the oy vey? The court's analysis in the Honduras case is spot on.


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