Hold Up -- Spence Makes House Calls?

In other news, you know how your intermittently competent managing partner blows a sweet load of crizz-app up your arse about how the numbers aren't as bad as they seem, that we are the best firm with the best lawyers and the best future, other law firms are way worse, and even as your intuition tells you it's bs people basically nod to each other and go back to their desks?

That's called a "blue lie":
This research — and those stories — highlight a difficult truth about our species: We are intensely social creatures, but we’re prone to divide ourselves into competitive groups, largely for the purpose of allocating resources. People can be prosocial — compassionate, empathic, generous, honest — in their groups, and aggressively antisocial toward out-groups. When we divide people into groups, we open the door to competition, dehumanization, violence — and socially sanctioned deceit.
Happy Monday!


  1. He can make a house call to my house any time.

  2. I thought he only sued Carnival?


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