It's Hard to Be a RICO Case in the 11th Circuit!

That was supposed to be a mangled Springsteen reference, but anyways the 11th has predictably weighed in, with Judge Ungaro sitting by designation in an opinion written by Judge Rosenbaum.

Everyone knows a lawyer, particularly one who cut her teeth in civil litigation in the 90s, who is always screaming "RICO RICO RICO" like it's a mystical talisman that renders judges and juries immune to the tremendous hurdles necessary to plead and prosecute one successfully (not even mentioning the expenses, oy!).

This crap's a lot harder than it looks.


  1. Couldn't agree more, if someone, lawyer or otherwise, tries to tell me about a great RICO claim they have, they instantly lose 90% of their credibility. (10% reserved and remainder subject to reinstatement in the exceedingly rare case that they have a real RICO claim)


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