So....Maybe There's a Reason for This?

I don't understand this at all:
Simpson, a Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy and consumer rights attorney, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that she thinks Trump should acknowledge wrongdoing and apologize.

But then all this allegedly happened:
They say Simpson and the other former students were informed in writing that they had to opt out of the lawsuit by Nov. 16, 2015, if they wanted to pursue individual lawsuits. They say she filed a claim form on Feb. 1 to receive her share of the settlement, but then filed her objection three weeks ago.
Well, which is it?

Forget it -- what a country!


  1. What a confused an incompetent article. She can either opt out or object, but not both. And her opt out request is months late, so Tobias's speculation that the judge will let her opt out and potentially depose Trump is not going to happen. Unbelievable that she's a "consumer rights attorney."


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