This Seems Like a Pretty Conclusive Arse-Whipping!

Don't you just love an appellate summary of established facts like this:
Tein likewise controverted the allegations that he had funneled to the Tribe Chairman millions of dollars in excessive fees charged for fictitious or unnecessary services that Tribe members paid for using loans obtained from, but not approved by or intended to be repaid to, the Tribe.
Tein introduced evidence that a Tribe member approved Tein’s invoices and was repaying a loan obtained for legal fees; that Roman billed the Tribe large amounts for his legal services; that Roman had in his custody records of Tribe members’ loan payments; that an accountant for the Tribe was fired after telling Roman about existing loan schedules; and that an independent audit detected no financial irregularities. Roman failed to produce any evidence that Tein transferred money to the Chairman or that Tein overbilled or falsely charged for his legal services.
Congrats to gunslinger Paul Calli and his legal team -- sometimes, even in the Age of the Idiot, the good guys (can) prevail.


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