3d DCA Watch -- Victory Dance Edition!

The law took another blow as the Trump Administration has been sending b-team, Spicey-level lawyers to go Washington General the most important elements of their supposed campaign agenda -- and they've done it again.

Weird, huh?


Peter Valori victory dance.

Change of address is record activity.

Kinney Systems (yawn).

Judge Thornton -- affirmed.

Harder for media to do its job.

Happy Thursday!


  1. That FNC opinion appears to be seriously misguided. Seems as if everything related to the case happened in Kentucky, and the plaintiff himself is a resident there. Yeah, the defendant is a resident of Miami-Dade County, but if everything related to the case is in KY, seems to me that it probably ought to have been kicked. At a minimum, the Third overemphasizes a factor that shouldn't really be in play.


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