So Just How Believable Does This Sound?

Remember it's under oath in Judge Butchko's always well-run courtroom:
Tomás Regalado said Monday that his concern is not the hotel industry but rather the residents. That was the focus of his November meeting with Lopez, who is registered to lobby with Miami-Dade County but not with the city of Miami, according to county and city records.

“I said, look the hotel industry, I know that you are very powerful, but the problem is that the residents don’t have a voice, so we are going to do something,” Regalado said in an interview Monday.

But Lopez also asked the mayor to “keep him informed” on Airbnb, which is why Regalado forwarded the emails, Regalado said.
Judge Butchko -- keep on keeping on.

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  1. Perhaps an education of the public records act is in order. An oral request for public records is all the act requires and the failure to comply is a violation of the public records law. Sooooo Lopez made a request and the Mayor followed the law, and the Judge perhaps spoke out of school.

  2. Politicians and judges. Now there's a swamp.

  3. Edward R. Blumberg is a terrible lawyer. Please stay away from him!

    1. Am I missing something? What did Blumberg have to do with this case? Or are you speaking of a different matter. Care to explain the basis for your statement.


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