Welcome Reed Smith!

Yet another unwashed immigrant white-shoed fancy pants "foreign" law firm has laid claim to some of South Florida's finest:
Reed Smith, an international firm with a large Virginia presence, has expanded to Miami with acquisition of a seven-lawyer international arbitration and litigation practice from Astigarraga Davis. With lawyers in offices around the world, the Astigarraga team provides legal services in Spanish and Portuguese to clients throughout Mexico, Central America, and South America, according to a Reed Smith news release.
New partners include José I. Astigarraga, who will lead Reed Smith’s International Arbitration Practice; Ed Mullins, who will serve as the Miami office managing partner; and M. Cristina Cárdenas, who is recognized as a leader in international arbitration.
The new office gives Reed Smith 27 offices worldwide.
And here's what the kind Reed Smith folks have to say about Miami:
Compared with other global arbitration hubs, Miami offers a thriving, pro-arbitration culture, highlighted by vast multilingual, multicultural, economic-value and locale-convenience advantages...
 "Locale-convenience advantages"??

Is that the same as just saying that Miami is convenient?

Anyhoo -- congrats on the move!!!


  1. What in God's name is a "pro arbitration culture?" I guess "multicultural" means you can fly down here from New York in January, eat lunch at the Versaille, smoke a hand rolled cigar on 8th street, spend an hour "reviewing a case" with local counsel (then bill 5 hours for it), see a Heat game, and then eat dinner at Joe's with all the other high rollers and then head out to Scarlett's and get a sampling of Russian/Central/South American forms of female companionship

  2. 1 out of 27, almost as many locations as Chicken Kitchen

  3. Don't forget Lincoln Rd. and the beach, all while eyeballing discovery materials!

  4. And if they're into shopping they can head over to Brickell City Center. Hehehe.

    Happy Easter Monday, SFL. :)

  5. arbitration blows


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