I love it when people exercise courtesy and considerate behavior toward others.  It's just part of my nature.

Check out this ask by the Eleventh Circuit, Judges Pryor and Martin, to the SCOFLA!
We appreciate the assistance of the Florida Supreme Court with this question. Neither our presentation of the issue, nor the phrasing of our question are intended to restrict the Florida Supreme Court’s analysis of this or any other issue it chooses to address.
While we hope the Florida Supreme Court will answer our question, we also recognize that it has no obligation to do so. That said, we would greatly prefer to hear from the state’s highest court on this unsettled and important area of state law.


  1. As much as I adore SFL & his blog, I would like to petition that he bring back the Flamingo.

    Thank You.

    SFL's #1 Fan & a fan of the Flamingo.

  2. Agreed on the flamingo.


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