Happy Talk Monday!

Yes yes I know you globe heads think it's Tuesday, whatever.

Does this billionaire look happy to you?


Isn't it profound the folks who rise up in your defense are all ex-Elin variations?

 How does someone with every possible material means at his disposal, who could literally do and acquire whatever he wanted -- at any expense -- be this unhappy and out of control?

Or someone who is so driven, so successful and among the best ever at what he does -- yet is so empty inside?

Even with all the enablers and Elvis-style sycophants -- Nike being a a prime one -- how does this happen?

I was hoping for an epiphany, but Tiger's statement is sad and lacks accountability.

Maybe it's what every artist, person you respect, and even that fortune cookie from Tropical told you the other day -- money does not buy happiness, kiddos. 

Banal but instructive.


  1. Or maybe he has had 6 surgeries, including back surgery this year, was in actual paid, and took the pain medication actually prescribed to him? http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/numbers-look-back-woods-injuries/

    But then again, it always has been more fun to read into things and draw unsubstantiated conclusions about the lives of people we have never met.

    1. all you claim to know about Woods is an unsubstantiated conclusion

  2. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/golf/the-tragedy-of-tiger-woods/news-story/81ca7a653c8447196ee3aa16effb55fb

  3. my Emperor wears clothes


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