I LOVE Mondays!

See I was going to retire this crap show.

Do something productive, change the world.

At least stop noodling around old Maude videos, that sort of thing.

But then Trump etc. so here we are.

Oh well, I gotta be me.

Yet I'm grateful for this Monday morning gift from God the Universe ok, the Herald -- let me try to outline these alleged allegations alleged alleged alleged (ok?) allegations:

1. Judge Hendon appoints former Judge Perez for a condo receivership.

2. He charged $45k a month for four hours a day, at $525 an hour, with him and his team racking up $2.6 million in fees.

3. Some of the condo folks got mad about this.

4. Former Judge Perez sent an ex parte email -- an email(!) -- to Judge Hendon after midnight (presiding over his case) -- -- after midnight(!) -- saying a bunch of stuff that he probably shouldn't have said.

5. Judge Hendon immediately recuses himself.  KUDOS

6. New Judge Cueto holds hearing on fees, where Perez's lawyer argues that Hendon had already approved the fees because no one objected.

7. In March Perez asked Judge Hendon for a $2 million loan so that the condo owners could borrow money to pay his team's fees.

Is that what that article says, just checking folks.


  1. The condo system is tragically flawed, if not broken. If you live in a condo and can afford not to, you're a sucker.

  2. How's his blood pressure now???

  3. I loved Bea Arthur in The Golden Girls.

  4. I do not remember Perez as a judge. But sounds like he was churning this thing, requiring the association to take out a $2 million loan to pay your fees come on. I am sure Judge Hendon was happy to recuse from this mess.

  5. I feel for the association owners (except for the nuts, and there are nuts in every condo association). But what did they think was going to happen when they hired a former judge as the receiver? Former judges have earned the rights not to charge $150 an hour. And 4 hours a day to set straight a condo with a few hundred units (which is what that condo has) isn't out of control. On its face, without seeing the billing records, I am not shocked.


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