Judges Don't Like Things Too Complicated Friday!

That's why the Florida Supreme Court, in its infinite wisdom (do NOT spit-take!), has decided to clarify that judges now have only one ethics rule to follow.

That makes it a lot easier on those poor judges with all those high-faluting "moral dilemmas" and "laws" and other meddlesome "uncertainties" in life, so now there's only one!

Also -- what Bar event is under $100 nowadays?

Some kind of kid thing?

Happy Friday plebiscites!


  1. Newbie judge here. Do I or do I not have to report all the Joe's lunches I got treated to this year. I ordered Jumbos (ok maybe a couple of times colassols), slaw, hash browns, 2 martinis, coffee, and key lime pie each time if that makes a difference.


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