Legal Weed Champion Uses "Godfather" Reference Adequately!

Orlando you-just-know-it's-so-much-better-for-you-than-alcohol-and-opiates-and-is-basically-inoffensive lawyer "John" Morgan says his ex business partner is in the hands of the powerful lobbying group seeking to subvert the will of seven million Florida voters:

Morgan even alleges his former colleague went FULL FREDO by backing the absurdly restrictive draft state implementing laws that completely ensure we will remain at the top of the prescription drug industry addiction list. This is just an allegation, so who knows at to the merits -- I'm just concerned with Fredo here.

I give the FF reference in the Big G movie a 3 out of a possible ten.

Sorry next Governor.

Yay Florida? 


  1. Ben Pollara is a lobbyist, and by lobbyist I mean prostitute. You should never be surprised when you find out that your prostitute is sleeping with someone else.


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