Trumps' Pick for 11th -- All Corporate All the Time.

I'm starting to get annoyed with judge picks who never had to find and represent a real person in a dispute involving "real person" problems -- someone ripped them off, ran into them, sold them a defective phone, you had to help them with a worker's comp issue, car got repossessed, you know -- that kind of thing.  They also never had to chase clients or figure out how to make a law firm run, just stuff that was never part of their backgrounds.

That doesn't mean -- based on what I've seen so far -- that Newsome is not eminently qualified in terms of legal and professional accomplishments.

He clearly is.

But spending your life helping Pfizer -- a firm client -- escape liability for one of it drugs isn't all that practicing law is or should be.

Happy weekend, yutzos.


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