3d DCA Watch -- Congrats Judge Norma Lindsey!

Judge Norma Lindsey Appointed to the Third DCA Bench
On May 26, 2017, Governor Rick Scott appointed Judge Norma S. Lindsey to the Third District Court of Appeal to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Linda Ann Wells. Since 2011, Judge Lindsey has been serving as a Circuit Judge at the 11th Judicial Circuit and previously served as a County Judge for Miami-Dade County.
This is great, welcome to the Bunkerhood!

Now, just so you know, I see you were in circuit and county court here too in our beautiful, world-class cosmopolitan city -- the accommodations in Bunkerworld are not quite as luxurious.

But at least enjoy the scenery!

SJ improvidently granted.

Hey now -- newish Judge Luck going Full Carnes (introductory paragraph with musical quote and brief factual summary) and Deeper Goodman (Dixie Cups from 1964!).

Let's just stop there -- well done Judge Luck!


  1. Rumpole did the Luck opinion and did it much better.

    1. Go back to state court and the Godfather and Dolphins asswipe

    2. Rumpass copied from a wiki entry, brilliant.

  2. @3:27-- SFL is & always will be #1.

    SFL's #1 Cutest Fan.

  3. In defense of SFL, Rumpole did not mention Judge Goodman!

  4. 3D says hello to new judge by reversing her. Ha Ha.

  5. I was interested in Luck's first opinion from a few weeks prior and was underwhelmed. He shook off those first MLB at-bat jitters and hit a dinger.

  6. Rumpole is great, when he's not boring us to death with his Trump obsession. It's like he's jealous of Melanie and has massive a crush on Trump. Apparently Trump rejected Rumploe's advances and now he hates POTUS. So sad!


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