Forget Texting and Driving South Florida -- How About Blinking and Driving?

Although I know I am in the minority, I don't care at all about texting while behind the wheel because I think it's a fear-based bogey man -- the real issue is inattention while driving.

A related issue is judgment while driving -- should you be finishing a text while going 90 miles an hour around a dangerous curve in heavy traffic?  Or should you wait for a traffic jam when you've already scrolled twice through every possible Facebook post about some moron President your relative in New York voted for?  Is it also a factor how competent you are at driving, or should we all assume everyone is as awful as that jerk off you had to deal with on your way to work this morning?

Anywoo, now this:
Failure to use turn signals results in two million collisions annually in the U.S., according to research by the Society of Automotive Engineers. That’s more than twice the 950,000 annual collisions attributed to distracted driving.
Drivers fail to use turn signals 48 percent of the time when changing lanes and 25 percent of the time when making a turn, according to a report by automotive engineer Richard Ponziani, who observed 12,000 turning vehicles. That’s two billion times a day that Americans do not use turn signals.
“It’s an emotional subject for drivers who are spending more and more hours in their cars,” Ponziani said. “We found it to be the No. 1 pet peeve. But simple to eliminate. Just use your blinker. There’s a chance of a crash each time you do not.”
This seems pretty bad and in terms of actual fact-based evidence, way worse in some ways -- maybe we ought to focus on this?

In other news, you can pay Tom Ice's firm to do legal work by the minute.

So you can -- if you're a good multitasker -- pay a lawyer by minute for legal advice while snaking your way down US 1 -- but forget about using your blinker.

I love this town!
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  1. What about eating and driving? There are thousands of establishments that explicitly encourage this dangerous conduct. It is far more dangerous than texting. another favorite of mine of yore was channel surfing while driving.

  2. What about the car radio/CD player? Listening to Jim Morrison makes me drive fast. Speed maybe. Can’t say for sure, my speedometer is broken. But I was passing fast cars the other day while listening to L. A. Woman, and Roadhouse Blues. Then I noticed my turn signal was on for the last 10 miles, so it’s all good y'all.

    L. A. Woman

    Roadhouse Blues (Live)

  3. great point. There are certain kinds of music that are more conducive to reckless driving. Let's face it: are you more likely to drive 100 mph across your neighbor's lawn while throwing beer cans out the window circa 1971 listening to a Wagner opus or Commander Cody?

  4. Radar Love


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