Please Never Reference The Godfather or Scarface Again.

This whole Comey obstruction thing has given the whole world a Corleone hard on: 
 Apparently, in preparation for the Russia coverage to come, they've been using the phrase, "Go to the mattresses"—a line straight from The Godfather, which is reportedly one of his favorite movies.
Listen lawyers, would be pop-culture-referencing judges, youngsters who are writing all the briefs for the old farts who still think it's "edgy" etc.: it is objectively lame to reference these films in 2017.

Now there was a time -- a very long time ago, circa Neil Rogers ruling the airwaves -- when any Godfather reference was extraordinarily cool! It was fresh!

Kids, this was the 70s.

Then it entered a long mainstream phase -- think 80s (during the rise of Scarface references) and then lapsing into early stage lameness certainly by 1992.

There can be no question that by 2002 at the very latest, any conventional reference simply must be considered highly lame.

Now -- in 2017 -- you have to go deeper.

Make extensive use of Godfather Part III -- and even there stretch out a bit!

Not only go Hyman Roth, go Hyman Roth sleepwear:

In general -- either move on or give the young ones a break, huh?


  1. Movies have always been used in subsequent films as sort of a cultural reference point or to prove the old French saying that "plus ca la change, plus ca la meme chose." The more things change the more the remain the same. In Get Shorty, Travolta sits in a movie theater watching an old Wells movie, Touch of Evil. Last night, I was binge watching season 5 of House of Cards. They use Double Indemnity as sort of a backdrop to the relationship between Frank and Claire. You can probably find references to Casablanca and Gone With The Wind too. The Godfather contains biblical themes so this genre so to speak has a long history

    1. True and thank you for that insightful comment. I agree. It's just that "they killed Sonny on the causeway" is highly lame.

  2. Blah Blah Blah Blah 8:34. Movie references are fun, fitting, and make the point. deal with it everyone.


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